It is not uncommon to see bonded pairs of animals come into the shelter, whether surrendered together or arriving following the incapacity or death of an owner. Whenever possible, we work to adopt bonded pairs out together – a scenario that boasts benefits both to the animals and their new adopters. Here are a few of the benefits of adopting bonded pairs:

1.) Pairs are Happier – While animals can be independent, they are also social creatures that thrive on companionship. When a pet is left alone for extended periods, they can develop behavioral issues and even signs of depression. Those who arrive at a new home as a bonded pair can adjust more quickly to their new surroundings as they interact with each other and share daily activities.

2.) Pairs are Healthier – Animals can feel the same stresses that we do, leading to hair loss, heart problems, and stress eating, among other issues. When animals remain together, we commonly see them living longer, healthier lives, filled with more exercise and a reduction in stress.

3.) Pairs Stay Entertained – When a pet becomes bored, they can become agitated in their surroundings and find mischief. With a bonded pair in your home, animals are often adequately entertained with the social interaction they provide each other.

4.) Pairs Learn from Each Other – Pets adopted together continue the learning cycle they experienced with their mother and siblings by watching what each other does. As they socialize, play, and observe, they see how to behave along with associating the consequences of their actions.

When you adopt a bonded pair from Larimer Humane Society, you can help eliminate the grieving process animals often experience through separation and reduce anxiety commonly felt when they are rehomed alone.