Behavior & Enrichment Volunteer Positions

We are updating our B&E volunteer positions to better suit our needs and your interests! Please review the available positions and select the role(s) you would like to pursue using the form at the bottom of the page.

SMAM Socializer

Do you love rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens or lizards? This role is perfect for you! SMAM socializers spend time with our critters, non dog or cat animals,  that come to LHS and provide fun activities such as cuddling, floor time, clicker training, re-structuring their habitats and providing fun treats and games! Not into all “critters”? No problem! You are only required to socialize with the species you feel comfortable with. No previous experience required.

​Cat Cuddler

Cat Cuddlers spend time with our adoptable cats by reading, petting, giving treats and toys and playing. Our cats have a variety of personalities from frisky felines, to wallflowers, to party animals. You will help our companion cats feel more comfortable during their stay and prepare them for adoption. No previous experience required.

Cat Confidence Boosters

Do you have a knack for working with shy cats? We are seeking calm, patient individuals to spend time with our overwhelmed and scared cats who need a patient, loving and quiet companion to help them settle into the Shelter. These cats enjoy reading, soft music, and space. Sometimes providing love and kindness isn’t all pets and cuddles. Previous cat experience or cat cuddler role required.

Spicy Cat Socializers

LHS see’s hundreds of undersocialized or feral kittens annually and we need your help to get them ready for life as pets! These kittens come from a variety of backgrounds and are spicy little peppers. From the habanero hissers to the serano shakers, these little kittens require a little patience, confidence building and a whole lotta wet food to learn that people are actually pretty nice!  Previous cat volunteer role required; some flexibility if previous feral kitten socialization experience.

Walking Buddies

Our adoptable and soon to be adoptable dogs need 2-4 daily walks! Help these kids stretch their legs, work their noses and get their ya-yas out as a Walking Buddies volunteer. Role is not limited to walks only; training, playing in the yards, providing toys and games and a variety of other fun games are always encouraged. No experience necessary.

High Needs Helpers

Some dogs have less resistance to stress, are easily overwhelmed or come to LHS with higher needs. These dogs typically exhibit more jumping and mouthing, more stress, less focus and require more stimulation both mentally and physically. Help our highest need dogs with long sniffaris, long-line walks, obedience training, setting up puzzles or teaching new sports! We require previous Shelter volunteer experience with dog walking or 1 month of Walking Buddies role. 

Canine Academy Assistants

Some dogs come to LHS and are not quite ready for adoption. Some lack basic manners, have acquired inappropriate behaviors, need to have their emotional cups filled prior to being ready to learn, or have behavioral quirks we are trying to alter. This role focuses on a choice based,  positive reinforcement behavior modification philosophy. Previous dog training experience requested, previous dog volunteer experience required.

Dog Evaluation Assistant 

Act as a handler and assistant with a Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator or Supervisor. You will receive one-on-one training on how to evaluate risk for the adoption of canines, learn about our Assess-a-Pet, the assessment process that we utilize and help with dog to dog tests. This role requires at least 6 months volunteer experience or comparable experience.

Clicker Club

Coming Fall 2022

Learn the basic tenets of clicker training with Sheri Gitner. As a weekly club, you will learn how to use a clicker in training, the concepts behind positive reinforcement training and can use your skills when working with dogs, cats or critters! Harness and fine tune your skills with our multi-level training club.

Playgroup Host

LHS hosts Shelter Playgroup Alliance modeled play groups based on choice, control and consent. In this model, we consent test two dogs at a time and host one-on-one playgroups with dogs. Dog are allowed to partake in play or can opt out if they aren’t interested or if the dog we are trying to pair them with is not a good fit. For this role, you must work with a staff member or another volunteer who is trained and certified to host play groups. 6 months of volunteer experience required.

Enrichment Prep Assistant 

Animals at Larimer Humane Society receive enrichment on a daily basis to fulfill their basic instincts and natural needs, as well as provide entertainment when they are in their kennels. These are brain games, toys and other fun items that help animals in a shelter environment to occupy their alone time, makes them feel more comfortable and safe, and helps them remain mentally healthy. This is the most vital role for the Behavior and Enrichment team.