Bite Prevention

When a dog bites, we all lose. Helping to prevent dog bites is in everyone’s best interest including the person who would have been bit, the dog’s family and the dog itself.

Did you know that most dog bites could have been prevented? The most common reason a dog will bite is out of fear. In fact, most dogs try to warn humans before they bite but most people don’t know what signs to look for or how to approach a dog correctly.

Here are a few tips you can practice today to help keep you, your family and your dog safe and free from bites.

1. Do not approach a dog that is tied up. In fact, the highest number of human fatalities due to dog bites occurs when a dog is tied up.
2. Leave dogs alone while they are eating or chewing on their favorite toy.
3. Before petting a strange dog ask the owner for permission and avoid giving hugs and kisses.
4. If an off-leash dog approaches you stand like a tree, do not run away and scream.
5. Pay attention to what the dog is telling you. Below is a chart of dog body language by Dr. Sophia Yin to help you identify non-verbal communication a dog may give if they are afraid or stressed.