Posted by Tylor Starr

Marketing and Community Outreach Manager

Larimer Humane Society’s Foster team has welcomed in many new bottle baby kittens. For those who don’t know, bottle baby kittens are young kittens without a mother to feed and care for them–and that’s where Larimer Humane Society’s Foster team comes in! Our team is currently experiencing a third wave of bottle baby kittens, our supplies are dwindling, and we are looking to our caring community to help out these young, orphaned kittens by donating some items.

Below you will find a list of items that will allow us to help give our baby kittens a good start in life:


  • Miracle Nipple Mini: These nipples are specially designed to mimic a mother cat, and can be attached to syringes or nursing bottles, making it easier to coax finicky kittens to nurse.
  • Kitten Nursing Bottles: These small bottles are the perfect size for kittens, and have measurements on the side to help us track food intake.


  • Snuggle Safe Heat Disks: Kittens under four week cannot regulate their body temperature. These disks can help keep kittens warm for up to 10 hours, and can be easily sanitized and reused.
  • Snuggle Puppy or Snuggle Kitty: As you have probably guessed, being left without a mom is a heartbreaking situation for these kittens to be in. The Snuggle Puppy and Kitty comforts orphaned kittens by mimicking the warmth and heartbeat of a mom.


  • Cotton Rounds: Disposable and soft, cotton rounds are used as kitten toilet paper if they don’t have a mom to help them groom.


  • High Calorie Kitten Gel: This gel helps sick or underweight kittens get the calories and nutrients they need.
  • Kitchen Scales: These handy scales are used to weigh kittens while they are in foster homes so we can ensure they are gaining weight.
  • Digital Thermometers: Thermometers are used to monitor a kitten’s temperature and ensure they are not feverish or too cold.
  • Feline Forti-Flora: This is a probiotic powder with added nutrients that help to treat and prevent diarrhea in kittens, which at their age can be devastating. The powder can be sprinkled over kibble or mixed into wet food and formula.
  • Feliway: To help ease these cats into their new, temporary home, Feliway contains calming pheromones that help stressed out kittens.

To donate, just bring your donated items to Larimer Humane Society’s Intake lobby. Thank you for caring!