This week marks the end of our Critter Camp 2022 summer season, providing three full weeks (one per month) of hands-on activities, animal presentations, educational discussions, tours, and fun and games on the lawn here at the shelter.

Larimer Humane Society strongly believes that compassion for animals tomorrow begins with education today. To back this up, our shelter runs a multifaceted Humane Education program that gives the youth in our community an opportunity to gain real life experiences with a variety of animals. In addition to Critter Camp, our programs focus on a variety of topics that help children and adults alike understand the importance of proper care and attention to animals’ needs, and how to implement this standard of care for their own pets, or when engaging with other pets in their community.

There are so many factoids, tips/tricks, and lessons to learn when it comes to interacting with animals. Providing meaningful and educational opportunities for children that give them a safe space to understand animal etiquette is one great way to ensure our animals are properly being taken care of for time and time to come. For instance, one might learn how to appropriately and safely handle a guinea pig, or learn what it means to be an herbivore, or how to detect when a dog is stressed and when to approach cautiously or to give them space (just to name a few!). We believe that taking care of animals should be a positive and meaningful experience, and the Humane Education Program provides a space just for this.

Led by Larimer Humane Society’s Humane Education Program Manager Kaley Platek, and supported by some amazing volunteer educators, this program offers week long summer camps, classroom presentations, tours at the shelter, and group service projects to all ages.

If you are interested in participating in any of our Humane Education programs, we would love to have you! Click here to learn more about this program and how you can support humane education for all in our community.