Today we honor and recognize Veterans in the Larimer Humane Society community. One in particular is David, an Air Force Vet who served from 1975 to 1981, and now volunteers as an adoption greeter here at the shelter.

David joined the military soon after graduating high school. He completed basic training at the San Antonio Lackland Air Force base, then transferred to tech school at the Keesler Air Force base in Mississippi. As someone who enjoyed math, David was drawn to their self-paced electronic class where he was able to exercise his math skills and further his knowledge with computer systems.

David was an honor student after maintaining an A average in both the electronic class and basic training. He was later stationed at Barksdale Air Force base in Louisiana and worked on and repaired B52s and double winged planes. “Back in the 70s, they didn’t have specialized ‘tech’ schools like they do today, so I’m grateful for my training in the military as it served me later in life.” After earning his certificate of honorable discharge, David landed a job at IBM in Boulder County, the same job he retired from 32 years later.

Having grown up with a pure bred dachshund who followed him everywhere he went, David has been an animal lover all his life. He now owns a cat named Georgie who is just the sweetest. “One day I was having a bad day and the cat came over and curled up on my lap.” He immediately felt the stress leave his body and “she helped me find my center again.” David started volunteering at Larimer Humane Society about three years ago in Client Services, helping direct traffic and assisting customers who have questions. “I like working with and helping people, and volunteering here helps me get better at speaking with people and opening up.”

For most of his life, David has been a man of service, and we are very grateful that he has chosen Larimer Humane Society to share his talents and compassion with those who walk through our doors – both two and four-legged alike. To David, and to all those who have served our country, we wish you a very happy Veteran’s Day.