Ahh, Valentine’s Day – the season of love! Though we commonly celebrate this day by sharing gifts and time with our significant others, why should pets be left out? After all, they show unconditional love throughout the year and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show them how much they mean to you.

To help you plan the perfect day for your favorite furry someone, we’ve come up with five ideas to show your love:

1.) Take Them on a Valentines Day Shopping Spree

Everyone loves to be spoiled on Valentine’s Day, and your pet is no exception. Take them to a local pet supply store like Poudre Pet & Feed Supply! Our friends there can help you stock up on all of your pet’s favorite treats and toys. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new food treat, a fashionable collar, an exciting new toy, or maybe some clothing that will make them the talk of the neighborhood. Your pet will know you’re showering them with love on this special day.

2.) Make a Valentines Day “Date”

Think about all of the things your pet loves doing with you and make it into an ultimate date day or night. Maybe they love to go for hikes, spend time at the park, or cuddle on the couch with you while watching their favorite pet movie. Start the date with those ideas and consider feeding them something special for their holiday dinner! Just keep in mind to avoid foods that could be toxic or that could cause an upset stomach. 

3.) Grooming is a Valentine’s Day treat

Another great way to show your pet special attention is getting them caught up on their grooming. Spoil them with a pet spa day, as we all know how much of a difference a haircut, shampoo, and blow-dry can make!

4.) Arrange a Family Photo Shoot

Your pet is an integral part of your family, and there are photographers in northern Colorado who would love to make your pet feel special. What a perfect way to show how much you cherish your furry family member than to capture those expressive eyes or adorable smile in a treasured family photo?

5.) Spend the Workday Together

During this age of COVID, we’ve had more chances to work from home, which allows us to spend more time with our pets. But what if you will be in the office on Valentine’s Day? Many companies have pet-friendly policies that allow them to work with you, so check with your workplace to see if it’s possible. This way, you know your pet won’t be by themselves on this important day.

No matter what you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, you can make it a special day for both you and your pet!