From April 10-16th, we celebrate National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week; an opportunity to give our thanks to those who risk life and limb to protect the welfare of helpless  animals and pets in our community. It also gives us the opportunity to spread the word about the important work that our officers do everyday. The more you know, the easier it is to say “thank you,” so here are five duties that Larimer Humane Society Animal Protection and Control (APC)  officers perform day in and day out to better serve people and pets: 

Investigating Animal Cruelty, Abuse, and Neglect 

When you report signs of animal cruelty, abuse, or neglect, it’s APC that arrives on the scene to  investigate. Credible reports are always answered with swift action to make sure that pets are removed from harm’s way.  

Bite Reports and Bite Prevention 

If an animal bites you, a loved one, or a pet, an APC officer is responsible for responding to the  incident and ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved. They also play an important role in helping community members of all ages learn how to safely interact with dogs and avoid  situations when bites are likely to occur. 

Responding to Calls of Stray or Lost Animals 

When a call is made to authorities about a stray animal, an APC officer immediately responds in hopes of locating the animal and bringing them to safety. Each stray animal brought to Larimer Humane Society is scanned for a microchip, giving lost pets the best chance of being reunited with their family. 

Helping Animals Left in Hot Vehicles 

During the hot Colorado summer, the temperature inside of a parked car can climb to 150  degrees. This is fatal to pets, and our APC officers respond quickly to any call about an animal left in a hot car. Working with local authorities, our officers help bring the animal to safety. 

Relocating Wildlife Back to the Wild 

As residences continue to be built in spaces that once were only inhabited by animals, the risk of wildlife being in your backyard increases. APC officers risk their own safety to capture these animals and move them far away from humans so they can thrive in their natural habitat. 

These are just a sampling of the situations and crises that Animal Protection and Control officers  handle on a daily basis. When you have the opportunity, make sure you let them know how much their work matters and makes a difference each day. If you know an APC officer that has  helped you or your pet, this is the week to reach out and show your appreciation!

Animal Protection and Control Officers are everyday heroes as they make every life – human and animal – matter, each day.