Animal Protection and Control – Larimer County’s Animal Defenders

Every day, officers stand ready in northern Colorado, ensuring that animals – and people – remain safe.

In observance of National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, we’re taking you behind the scenes of Larimer Humane Society’s Animal Protection and Control department!

Around the clock and every day of the year, Larimer Humane Society’s Animal Control officers respond to calls across northern Colorado to keep pets and the people who love them safe.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your Animal Protection and Control team is ready to respond to any call for help. Officers are trained, certified and experienced to handle any number of situations, all to ensure that northern Colorado continues to be a compassionate community for pets. Last fiscal year alone, our officers responded to more than 17,000 calls for assistance and service.

Animals Suffering in Hot Cars

During 2019, officers responded to more than 278 calls about companion animals left in hot cars. In 2019, a story of a dog trapped in a hot car made state-wide headlines when Larimer Humane Society’s animal protection and control officers worked with Loveland police department to break the window of a truck with a dog suffering from extreme heat inside.

Bite Prevention

In the last five years, Larimer Humane Society’s Animal Protection and Control department has seen a 57% increase in animal bite cases primarily involving bites from dogs. Larimer Humane Society’s Animal Protection & Control officers play an important part in helping community members, of all ages, learn how to safely interact with dogs and avoid situations when bites are likely to occur.

Memorable Moments for Our Officers

We asked Josh Burrell, one of your Animal Protection and Control officers, what his most memorable moment has been during his time with Larimer Humane Society.

“Responding to loose livestock on I-25 is always interesting. It usually involves working with other agencies such as Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and State Patrol. I remember a few years ago, a very large steer was on the interstate trying to charge people that came near him. The interstate traffic was shut down and at one point, a citizen pulled his truck in between me and the steer that started coming at me. Those can be all hands on deck situations!”

That moment certainly shows the dedication and heart you need to be an animal control officer helping all kinds of animals!

Help Us Continue to Rescue Animals in Need

Did you know that our average response time is just 15 minutes to respond to an emergency call? In honor of our 15 minute response time, sign up to be a monthly donor of only $15 to Larimer Humane Society. In addition to saying thanks to your Animal Protection and Control officers, you will also be part of Larimer Humane Society’s P.A.W. Partner program–joining our most dedicated supporters. Make your donation here today!