April 22, 2024 –

How ‘catios’ can enhance your cat’s health and behavior

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In the quest for providing feline companions with a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle, cat owners are constantly seeking innovative solutions. One such invention that has gained popularity among cat enthusiasts is the “catio” – a patio for cats that keeps cats enclosed. These enclosed outdoor spaces allow for your indoor cats to experience the outside world without the risks.

The Concept of Catios

A catio, simply put, is a secure outdoor enclosure designed to keep cats safe while they enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the stimulating sights and sounds of nature. They come in various sizes and styles, from window box catios to large custom enclosures. These catios can have all different types of design elements that can be customized to the cat and cat owner’s needs.

Increased Physical Activity

One of the most significant health benefits of a catio is the encouragement of physical activity. Cats in catios tend to be more active, climbing, jumping, and exploring their environment. This increased activity level helps prevent obesity and related health issues, such as diabetes and joint problems.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Access to fresh air and natural sunlight can significantly improve your cat’s health. Sunlight exposure is crucial for your cat to synthesize vitamin D, which supports healthy bone development, muscle function and overall well-being. Additionally, fresh air is invigorating and can help reduce stress levels in cats.

Disease Prevention

By providing a controlled outdoor environment, catios help protect cats from common dangers such as traffic, predators, and toxic plants. Additionally, it reduces their exposure to parasites like fleas and ticks and minimizes the risk of contracting diseases from other animals unlike free roaming. In many catios, owners decide to incorporate non-toxic plants on the outside of their catios so that cats can still interact with nature in a safe way.

In this catio design, a cat enjoys the elevated view from shelving designed to encourage climbing and relaxation.

Reduced Boredom and Stress

Cats are naturally curious and enjoy exploring. A catio provides a safe and enriched environment for them to satisfy their curiosity without the risks of roaming freely outdoors. This stimulation can significantly reduce boredom and stress, leading to a happier and more content pet. Cats need cognitive stimulation to thrive and a catio can provide just that.

Less Aggression and Behavioral Issues

Access to an outdoor space can also mitigate aggressive behavior and other common behavioral issues in cats, such as inappropriate scratching and spraying. The catio offers an outlet for natural behaviors, such as scratching on tree branches, that might otherwise be directed at your furniture. In many of the enclosures, cat owners can extend this enrichment by introducing toys, puzzles and games within the environment.

This catio features a unique tunnel system, providing a safe and engaging environment for cats to explore.

Safe Territory Exploration

Cats are territorial animals, and a catio can extend their perceived territory in a safe way. This expansion of territory can reduce territorial disputes among multi-animal households, leading to a more peaceful coexistence between other animals within the house.

Designing the Perfect Catio

When planning a catio, consider your cat’s needs and preferences. Include various levels and perches for climbing, shaded areas for relaxation, and safe plants for sniffing and nibbling. Ensuring the enclosure is secure and escape-proof is paramount to prevent accidents and ensure your cat’s safety. This can be done by ensuring you are using appropriate fencing and taking extra precautions against predators.


A catio can significantly enhance your cat’s quality of life, providing both physical and mental health benefits. By investing in a catio, you’re not only enriching your cat’s environment but also prioritizing their well-being and safety. As the awareness of the advantages of catios spreads, we hope more cat owners will consider adding these wonderful structures to their homes, contributing to happier, healthier lives for their feline friends.