November 11, 2023
Dear Community,
Post-pandemic, shelters across the country have been continuously challenged to balance an influx of animals with limited resources. Here at NOCO Humane, our staff have worked diligently to manage that balance and to meet our community’s needs, even in the face of momentous change. We have always met this challenge with your support.
Today, we have more than 600 animals in our care. With both of our shelters facing capacity limitations, I am reaching out to ask for your help. I am also asking for our community’s understanding as we urgently need to find homes for animals at a faster rate than we accept them into our care.
Are you willing to help? Here’s how:
1) Through the end of the month, you can “name your price” on adoptions of animals over one year of age. Please adopt or encourage your friends and family to do so.
2) If you need to surrender your pet, please consider “Rehome,” a no cost, self-rehoming service provided by Adopt a Pet, helping keep animals out of the shelter. You can learn more on our website.
3) If you find a stray animal, we ask that you submit a found report on our website and consider caring for that animal in your home until we are able to locate the owner. We will gladly equip you with food and supplies if you are able to provide a temporary home for a lost pet in need.
4) Please donate.
NOCO Humane is committed to our value of open admission — keeping our doors open to any animal in need — but we can only do so with the support of our community. You can help hold the doors open…through adoption; through donation; through kindness and understanding. Please spread the word, and thank you for supporting animals in need.
Judy Calhoun – NOCO Humane CEO