January 18, 2024 –

In early November of 2023, NOCO Humane became home to a bonded pair of sweet and loving pit bulls, Princess and Rambo. Surrendered by their owner of eight years, Princess and Rambo were forced to start over and find a family who would learn to love them for exactly who they are. The decision to surrender these two sweeties was not made lightly as their previous owners were moving to new housing that did not allow dogs. They shared as much information with us as possible with the hope that Princess and Rambo would find their second chance as quickly as possible.

Finding adopters for a bonded pair can be challenging, and this case was no exception. We knew it would require a special home to welcome two large, anxiety-prone, eight-year-old dogs. What’s more, Princess was partially blind and deaf.  We knew that with time and patience, however, the right family would find them.

As the weeks went on, visitations with Princess and Rambo were few and far between. NOCO Humane’s Marketing Department published a short video of these two running around and playing, which prompted a local column writer to feature Princess and Rambo in the Greeley Tribune. Even with such great exposure, Princess and Rambo were left waiting. A month and a half went by and they were still seeking their second chance.

Meanwhile, James and his daughter, Buddha, were in the market for a new pet. “She’s been looking at dogs and wanting one forever,” said James. “I told her to check out the NOCO Humane website.” Buddha wanted a big dog, like ‘Great Pyrenees’ big, but her dad said no thank you to that. Buddha kept looking at adoptable dogs on our website, and that’s when she spotted Princess and Rambo.

James and Buddha visited our Weld Campus the very next day and were greeted by two happy pitties with smiles and wagging tails galore. Their visit was full of laughter, smiles, and cuddles, and they had such a good time that they spent about 45 minutes bonding with the bonded pair. Two days later, James and Buddha returned to bring Princess and Rambo home with them.

“They LOVE to play,” said James. “We bought them lots of toys and my daughter loves interacting with them using the toys.” Aside from playtime, Princess and Rambo have been going on lots of walks and sniffing explorations. “We’re working on getting Rambo’s weight down, and as that happens, he seems to be more active,” said James.

As Princess and Rambo settle in, they are learning to be less skittish of unexpected noises and importantly, that the snow is okay to walk on! “They’re great dogs,” said James. “They’ve done really well since being here.”

The journey from being surrendered to finding a loving home is finally over. From uncertainty to joy, Princess and Rambo are thriving in their new home and surrounded by warmth and care they deserve. Every animal deserves a second chance at happiness, and Princess and Rambo have found their happy place.